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myHomeControl® is a building/home automation system with build in visualisation and control capabilities designed for the use of EnOcean based devices.

myHomeControl® is a All-In-One system serving the building automation needs.

myHomeControl® software runs on a Windows PC. For different application areas are adapted Software-Editions available.

myHomeControl® communicates with the EnOcean devices using a radio transmitter and receiver connected to the PC. TCP/IP-, RS232-, RS485- und USB-Gateways are supported.

myHomeControl® controls sun shading equipment, presence simulation, room temperature control, light scene controller, information system, security system and more. All these functions are available in an integrated system at the price level one of the mentioned functions may cost.


All functions at a glance :

Energy Saving

  • Temperature control set point steering in accordance with the daytime.
  • Temperature control set point drop if all users are out.
  • Temperature control set point drop if the window is opened.
  • Intelligent control of sun shading equipment.
  • Sunblinds are operated automatically.
  • Lights are switches off automatically.


  • Central OFF function.
  • Monitoring of the state of all windows / doors.
  • Presence simulation.
  • Remote controlled using the internet.
  • Alarming


  • Touch screen control and visualisation of the building control functions.
  • Scene controller (unlimited scenes and players, user programmable).
  • Intelligent control of sun shading equipment.
  • Timer based switching of light and others.
  • The positions of the sun blinds could be free programmed.







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